Understanding the Certification Process

Life Skills Experience Certification Chart

Question: What do the different levels of Certification mean?

Answer: The Life Skills Certification Process is how participants move through the different levels of the program: PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle, and Ace. Think of our program much like Boy Scouts or Martial Arts, displaying and meeting criteria at each level to move to the next level.

PLAYer– Focuses on interpersonal skills and lays the foundation of the nine core values

Par– Reviews the nine core values and places an emphasis of managing emotions

Birdie– Review of the PLAYer and Par with an emphasis on goal-setting

Eagle– Focus on goal-setting along with developing a healthy sense of self, preparation for college

Question: My child is older or more skilled, can he or she start at the Par or Birdie level?

Answer: All participants, regardless of age, gender, or skill level, start at the PLAYer level. There are age recommendations for each level, but they are not required as we do not want to hinder a child’s development if he or she is able to move through quicker. Please understand that the Life Skills Experience is not a race, but a marathon. There is no rush or special prize to move through the levels quickly.

Question: Why must my child attend multiple seasons at the same level before being able to move to the next level?

Answer: Being a youth-development organization, our research team has concluded over the past 10 years that participants who attended at least two or more seasons at each level, better understood the core lessons, as well as being able to apply them in real life situations at school, home, and in college. We want our participants to have a core foundation established before moving to the next level.

Question: How many seasons at each level must my child attend?


  • PLAYer- Minimum of two
  • Par- Minimum of three
  • Birdie- Minimum of three
  • Eagle- Minimum of four

Please keep in mind, we do offer Fast Track seasons with our summer camps (4 day camps). Each camp week counts as one season of programming.

Question: My child attended a season in 2014 and before. Will he or she get credit for that season?

Answer: Yes, one credit will be applied for each class that your student attended. We track attendance to know which core lessons each student has attended. Because of new additions to the Life Skills Experience such as the “Nine Healthy Habits” and Yardage Books, participants will need to get their final credits starting in 2015.

Question: What if we miss a class?

Answer: Although we hope that every student will attend every class, we understand that life happens. If a student misses a class, he or she is welcome to attend a class held previously in the week if it is not already full. A completed seasons consists of attending 70% of classes in a registered season.We also welcome students to help us with our “Coach Workshops” held every other month. Coach workshops help our new coaches get trained and so we are glad to give your student one credit per workshop he or she attends.

Question: What are some new things added to the Certification Process in 2015?


  • Participants must attend at least 70% of classes in a season to earn a completed season.
  • Participants at all levels are now required to complete their PLAYer, Par, Birdie, or Eagle Yardage Book.
  • A required score on 36 strokes on the PLAYer putting course and a score of 76 for nine hole rounds.
  • A nine hole score of 70 for Par, score of 60 for Birdie, and 18 score of 100 for Eagle.
  • All nine hole rounds must be played with Level Trained Coach of The First Tee and played at Peach Tree.

Please see the 2015 Certification Requirements Sheet for more details.

Question: When and Where can my child play his certification rounds?

Answer: We will have Certification Days throughout the year, so be on the look out for emails and/or Facebook posts.